SHOOT IT LIVE Range Day Event Pass

SHOOT IT LIVE Range Day Event Pass



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Saturday, September 30, 2017- Gates open 10 AM

Location: Hiawatha UT. Near the town of Price.  

*This event is open for everybody to attend. You must be able to legally possess a firearm to participate in shooting stations.

*VIP Pass includes $30 in free ammo tickets, early access to the event, and a special Black Rifle Coffee swag bag while supplies last.

Shoot It Live is an event focused on bringing consumers and manufacturers together for a good cause: supporting the Warfighter Made mission to help injured veterans.

In order to do this, we have reached out to several top brands and they stepped up in a big way. What that means for you: a chance to come out to a fun, family oriented event and try out different products. You will buy tickets to be used at different shooting stations for roughly the price of the ammo, which will be used to enter you into a raffle to win something from that station! It's like a tactical carnival. 

Example: You want to put some rounds down range with the new Desert Tech MDR, so you spend $5 for a ticket to shoot 5 rounds of .308 at specified targets. You end up donating $5 to a good cause and you are entered to win a MDR!

We are giving away over $100k worth of prizes!  Come out and have a good time, win cool stuff, and support a noble cause.


This list will continue to grow, but right now here are a few of awesome things that will be happening:

Meet the crew from Black Rifle Coffee

Shoot from an airborne Helicopter 

Ride in and shoot from a BMP tank

Ride in the newest Polaris RZR turbos with professional drivers on a closed course 


  • Vortex Razor HD AMG rifle scope- $3,699.99
  • Two Vortex Razor 3 MOA Red Dots- $499.99
  • Desert Tech MDR rifle- $2,524.00
  • Grey Ghost Precision 6.5 creed rifle- $3,259.00
  • ELCAn Specter 1-4x Rifle Scope- $2,400.00
  • Kimber TLE II .45 ACP Pistol- $1,007.00
  • US Optics B-17- $2,699.00
  • Zev complete loaded Glock G34- $2,500.00
  • Plus many more

Stay tuned for more details!

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