Deliberate Dynamics Pistol Carbine Course

Deliberate Dynamics Pistol Carbine Course



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Deliberate Dynamics Pistol Carbine Course 2-day format – Utah

Location: Ready gunner

                 1066 State Street

                 Orem, Utah 84097

  The Deliberate Dynamics Pistol and carbine course is an intermediate level course designed for Law Enforcement, Military and others who must maintain an occupational need for both pistol and carbine. The primary focus of this course to enhance the knowledge and capabilities for students on an individual level. Students should have an overall understanding of function, operation and practical application of both the pistol and carbine that they will utilize at the course. Students will be expected on demand to demonstrate proficiency in loading, firing, reducing malfunctions, Zeroing procedures and fundamental Marksmanship as well as knowledge and practical use of key components inherent to Each of their weapons.


  During the two-day course students will be taught and execute the following key tasks:

  • Practical safety procedures
  • Basic pistol and rifle marksmanship refresher and Combat Marksmanship Theory and application
  • Alternate shooting positions
  • Engagements while stationary and moving in and around cover
  • Multiple target engagement Indexing while moving and stationary
  • Target engagement while moving, forward, lateral and at oblique angles
  • Support and dominate side shooting
  • Fratricide and non-threat mitigation
  • Target discrimination and escalation of appropriate force
  • Engagements in low or no light situations


Course schedule and timeline:


0900- 1200 Pistol training

1200- 1230 Lunch

1230- 1730 Pistol training

1730- 1800 Range clean up and close out procedures


0900- 1200 carbine training

1200- 1230 Lunch

1230- 1730 carbine training

1730- 1800 Range clean up and close out procedures


Required Equipment for training:

  • 500 rounds Pistol 500 rounds carbine *Note- ammo consumption is dictated by class proficiency, have a plan to depart range with any remaining ammo
  • Carbine with sights (CQB capable optic and iron sights preferred), sling and 3 magazines minimum, lubricant, cleaning materials and weapons adjustment tools as necessary.
  • Pistol with 3 magazines minimum, and holster, hand held or mounted light
  • Flashlight.
  • Hearing protection (noise cancelling preferred)
  • Any ancillary equipment required or desired for operation of both weapons and occupational protective posture E.G. -mag holders, duty belt, dump pouches, body armor, helmet, Etc.
  • Eye protection (clear, Violet or yellow due to indoor range)
  • Lunch for each day of training to include water
  • Clothing can be civilian or duty (rule of thumb- wear what’s practical and or what you would normally wear during operations or duty) 


      Important information

      If you choose to pay only the deposit at check out, you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance via email. Tuition, rentals and any other elected fees are due 5 weeks prior to the course.

      Great time and effort is made to ensure we have enough professional trainers (4-1 student to trainer ratio) brought in from various locations around the country to give you the best learning opportunity available. Therefore, a deposit is required for all courses.

      Deliberate Dynamics has the right to cancel any course up to 30 days prior to the course start date. Therefore, please avoid making any travel arrangements prior to 30 days from the course. In the event Deliberate Dynamics has to cancel the course the student will receive a full refund for the tuition or the option to transfer the tuition to another class.

      If a cancellation by the student occurs up to three weeks prior to the training course, you will receive a credit towards another training.

      If a cancellation by the student occurs within three weeks of training date, the deposit paid will be lost to accommodate arrangements Deliberate Dynamics’ has made to pay our professional trainers to travel to the training facility.

      Emergency cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis. Please contact us.

      If you are traveling to the course and would like to have your gear and ammo shipped to Deliberate Dynamics, please contact us to make arrangements.

      Additional Information

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