Arc'teryx Index Folder

Arc'teryx Index Folder


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The Arc'teryx Index Folder is a shirt organizer for traveling with collared shirts. The lightweight pocket holds up to six shirts, folding them neatly so you can wear them right out of your suit case. A foam reinforcement panel protects your shirts and prevents creasing as you travel from airport to airport. Easy to use, just unzip the front panel and lay flat, lay shirts on top, fold the shirts in half, quarters, or thirds (I like thirds best), then zip back up. Fold and adjust webbing strap with the quick release buckle and hide away into your larger suitcase or duffel.



  • Unique folding design allows for speedy packing of multiple shirts at once. Folds shirts in half, thirds, or quarters
  • Foam reinforcement protects shirt collars during travel
  • Top handle for easy packing or transport
  • Easily carries up to 6 collared shirts
  • Fully opening zippered front panel with top flap
  • Adjustable webbing strap with snap closure and quick release buckle can be modified to accommodate various lengths of folded shirts
  • Packs up small for easy travel storage
  • Pliable-can be folded or rolled up easily

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