Arc'teryx LEAF Atom SV Hoody

Arc'teryx LEAF Atom SV Hoody

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Arc'teryx LEAF Atom SV Hoody

The Arc'teryx LEAF Atom SV Hoody is a cold weather jacket with significant warmth, wind resistance and a roomy fit to wear over other layers. The Atom SV Hoody is deceptively lightweight and low profile for the warmth it brings to core body areas. Exclusive Coreloft™ synthetic insulation is a highly efficient insulation that traps and holds warm air next to the body. Insulated hood adjusts to securely fit the head and face and follows side to side motion without obscuring peripheral vision. Media ports inside the hand pockets allow for internal routing of communication cables. The Atom SV is appropriate for rotary wing aircraft or ground mobility vehicle mounted direct action tasks.


  • Outer fabric sheds moisture and blocks wind
  • Articulation in the shoulders and elbows provides room for a full range of unrestricted motion
  • Insulated hood has a single pull adjuster; not restricting vision; can be stowed using elastic hanger loop
  • Two large hand pockets with media ports to allow for internal routing of communications cables; one internal chest pocket
  • Vertically routed hem drawcord minimizes interference with duty belt
  • Coreloft™ insulation has a very high warmth-to-weight ratio and resists compacting


  • Gossamera™
  • Coreloft™ (100g/m²)


Sizing Chart: Men's Sizing Chart

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