Combat Wound Seal (CWS)6

Combat Wound Seal (CWS)6


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CWS is intended for use in emergency situations to cover and secure a wound dressing, and to protect against abrasion, friction, desiccation and contamination.

The CWS seal uses a proprietary hydrogel to form an aggressive bond to the skin around the wound to create an occlusive seal. The CWS can be cut to shape, and can be used to cover lacerations, puncture wounds, and abrasions.

The CWS ability to be folded into a compact cube shape, measuring just 4”x4” allows it to be carried in most IFAKs and aid bags.

CWS may be used as an occlusive dressing to treat penetrating wounds alone, but is recommended to be used in conjunction for FTS Thoracic Seal or another vented thoracic seal to prevent Tension Pneumothorax.

Being prepared to help yourself or others during critical times can often mean the difference between life and death. We strongly recommend professional medical training for anyone who owns a medical kit so you know how to use it properly to help save lives. If you need meidcal training, please visit our training page here.

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