Kuhl Kontra Air Pant

Kuhl Kontra Air Pant


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Kuhl Kontra Air Pant

The KÜHL KONTRA AIR PANT features a super lightweight version of the quick drying ÜBERKÜHL™ bi-component fabric. The KONTRA™ cotton/nylon blend is designed especially for comfort and breathability in hot, humid conditions.

The Kühlair™ vent system keeps skin kühl with 11 total mesh vents, including front, side and back vented pockets and Kühl's patented airflow crotch gusset and knee vents.

Featuring the FULL FIT, Born Free™ gusseted crotch and articulated knees, the KONTRA AIR pant allows total freedom of movement. Reinforced grosgrain ribbon adds durability, and the cell phone and wallet pocket are designed so you don't sit on your wallet.


The KÜHL KONTRA AIR™ Pant is engineered with (11) mesh vents that make this pant super airy and great for hot weather.

KONTRA™ fabric is a cotton/nylon tropical weight oxford weave especially designed for hot, humid conditions.

A U.S. Patent has been granted for the unique design of the gusseted crotch with vents and articulated knees with vents at the knee pits.

  • Fabric: main body: KONTRA™ Fabric: 70% Cotton, 30% Nylon.
  • 11 mesh vents make KONTRA AIR™ the world’s most advanced vented pant.
  • Reinforced grosgrain ribbon for added durability.
  • Articulated knees
  • Free Ryde™ Waist Band follows the nature contour of your hips

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