TangoDown Vertical Fore Grip KEYMOD BGV-KM1

TangoDown Vertical Fore Grip KEYMOD BGV-KM1



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Developed specifically for all KEYMOD handguards, the BGV-KM1 Vertical Grip is the perfect fore grip for your lightweight rifle or carbine. Its short grip length is ideal for CQC, and featherweight injection molded shape is comfortable to the hand, hour after hour. The BGV-KM1 takes full advantage of all the KEYMOD design features, such as strength, light weight, and simplicity.

The BGV-MK1 features a rugged, cast stainless steel KEYMOD interface anchor that securely mounts to any KEYMOD weapon handguard. Just loosen the Allen head fastener inside the grip housing, locate and slide the grip into your desired KEYMOD address and tighten.

The KEYMOD anchor, combined with premium impact and heat modified polymer, guarantees this grip will survive any abuse you can give it.

Note: The BGV-KM1 is compatible with KEYMOD handguards only. It is not compatible with MIL-STD 1913 rails.

Not Compatible with HK-MR556 “H-KEY” Rail Systems.  Important Note: The BCM® Key Mod rail attachment system and its accessories AreNot compatible with the Heckler & Koch “H-Key” Rail System.  Although similar, components DO NOT interchange.


– KEYMOD compatible design fits all KEYMOD handguards

– Compact length and tough, light weight injection molded shape

– Cast stainless steel KEYMOD anchor and Allen head fastener


OA Length: 3”   Weight: 2.2 oz.  

Made in USA

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