Team Wendy EXFIL® Ballistic Helmet

Team Wendy EXFIL® Ballistic Helmet

Team Wendy


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The EXFIL® Ballistic features a hybrid composite shell with unique geometry for increased strength and optimal fit. An innovative, boltless CAM FIT™ retention quickly adjusts to individual head shapes, providing a comfortable and stable fit.  A newly designed Zorbium® foam liner protects against impact and allows for an overhead communications headband.  Customizable comfort is achieved through a set of moveable comfort pads.  The EXFIL® rail 2.0 accessory mounting system is compatible with all EXFIL® accessories and features T-slots for custom mounting.  A lanyard compatible Wilcox® shroud secures any standard NVG mount.




  • NIJ Level IIIA (according to NIJ STD 0106.01 / 0108.01)


  • Fragment Performance: 17gr V50 ≥ 2400 ft/sec (731 m/s)


  • 9mm (1400fps) BFD:
  • <25mm all locations (front/back/crown/sides) exposed to high temp/humidity, solar, low temperature, altitude, sea water, and salt fog


  • Meets current ACH Blunt Impact Protection requirements (per AR/PD 10-02)


  • Boltless CAM‐FIT™ Retention System that utilizes Boa® Closure System for optimized stability and fit. Left Eye Dominant (LED) retention option is available.
  • Zorbium® foam liner with 16 customizable comfort pad sets in 2 thicknesses
  • Removable center pad to easily accommodate overhead comms
  • Rail 2.0 Accessory Mounting System:
    • Compatible with all EXFIL® accessories
    • Includes two MAGPUL MOE® picatinny style rails and mounting hardware
    • Rear webbing slot for counterweight and goggle strap retainer
    • Includes shock cord kit for stabilizing NVG
    • T‐slots provide limitless custom mounting options
  • Wilcox® W Shroud for NVG Mounts; compatible with retractable lanyard system
  • Effective August 1, 2014, Team Wendy transitioned to an improved Peltor® Headset Adapter which provides tighter comms cup seals.   Headset adapters purchased from Team Wendy or authorized distributors PRIOR to August 1, 2014 will not offer optimum performance with Team Wendy’s EXFIL Ballistic Helmet.

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