Pitbull Tactical Bloodline Nocturnal Holster

Pitbull Tactical Bloodline Nocturnal Holster

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New Features Include:

- 1/4 inch smaller than our original holsters.

- Multiple adjustments for height and cant for outside the waistband (OWB) carry.

- Even more adjustablility inside the waist (IWB) band than our previous holster.

- Extra screws and rubber washer attached directly to the holster.

- New slotted screws allow for adjustment with any flat tool.

- Brand new LOCKJAW Series IWB Clips, OWB Loops and Wings.

- Molle Adaptable (with Pitbull Tactical's Leash) Coming Soon!

- Battle Belt Adaptable (with Pitbull Tactical's Leash) Coming Soon!

- IWB Tuckable.


Pitbull's holsters come with a limited lifetime warranty from manufacturing or material defects. If there is an issue with your Pitbull Tactical product we will have it repaired or replaced with the same product from original purchase at Pitbull Tactical's discretion.

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